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8weekchallengeMy sweet friend, Rebecca LeCompte asked us the following question in chapter 11 of our book 16 Day Love Challenge: “Have you ever experienced a contrast between the truth of your experience and the Truth of the Word of God? I trust many of us can raise our hands.

For those of you who are joining us for our online Women’s Bible study, 16 Day Love Challenge, I thought I would give you a little taste of our book and how God wants to minister to you.

I have found HOPE when I filter the truth of what I am experiencing through God’s Word in my heart. Real Hope! And you know what?  God’s Word always tells me something different.

The thief cometh not, but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy: I came that they may have life, and may have [it] abundantly.  -John 10:10

Read it again…what do you see?  The Truth about satan is he is a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy your hope and everything you hold dear. But what does the rest of the verse say? God finishes this Truth with some of the most significant words I think that are in the Bible. He said,

“I (Jesus) came that you may have LIFE, and have it ABUNDANTLY!!”

When we remember to filter the truth of our circumstances through God’s Truth {His Word} we see that we have hope and life that is abundant no matter what our circumstances look like.

Bill and I have our home in Jacksonville, Florida up for sale. Our renters moved out in July and we know beyond all doubt that it was time to put it back on the market. Our first try was six years ago. We had 4 closings that all fell through days before we met to sign the papers. Talk about frustrating!  Bill had already been transferred to South Carolina for his last 4 year term with the Navy and I was tired of living life without him. It was time. We took it off the market, rented it and the kids and I joined Bill.

Five years later and here we are again. We decided going into this that we would trust God and obey His Word when we found ourselves in darkness. We experienced  our months of no movement. It has been hard. Four months is a long time to have your home on the market with nothing happening. It can cause fear and doubt to rise. But we entered a covenant with God. A covenant that we would choose His Truth—no matter what. Believe me when I tell you we have been tested!  Satan has said many things to both of us. He reminds us what the market is right now and tells us that people are not looking to buy a home because they are thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas—all truths.  Do you see how satan can use the truth of your circumstances to cause you to doubt God and lose your hope?

About a month ago I was sitting at my laptop and praying, “God, we need a verse to stand on concerning our home in JAX.  Will you open your Word to me and show me the verse you have designed for this season?” I then did a word search in and this was one of the Scriptures that came up.

For I do not mean that others should be eased and you burdened;
but by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may supply their lack,
that their abundance also may supply your lack—that there may be equality.
2 Corinthians 8:13-14

I had never seen this verse before. At least, I don’t remember seeing it. It leaped at me! I knew this is the direction God wants us to go and it is the TRUTH that we can rejoice in. I went to my Bible app on my cellphone, pulled up the verse, highlighted it, saved a screen shot of it and text it to Bill and our real estate agent with the following words: “This is the verse we are going to stand on, no matter what!”  And we have applied this verse as our Truth each time satan attacks us with his lies. Here is the picture I text Bill and Misty.


We have been faithful to trust and obey God’s Word in the darkness. As of yesterday, we are getting an overwhelming amount of movement: 6 showings in one day.  And today we received a Full Offer on the house. They love it and don’t want haggle for it. Do you see our verse coming to fruition?  Their abundance is the supply for our lack and our abundance (our home) is supplying theirs.

I pray this speaks to right where you are! Bill and I don’t know what the outcome will be but we choose to stand because we have learned that God’s Word is Always going to be the Truth we can stand on!!

When we choose to walk in covenant with God, we can always Rejoice in the Truth! Amen…

Leave me your thoughts. Have you ever experienced a contrast between the truth of your experience and the Truth of the Word of God?

* * * * *

Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Truth today. How blessed we are to have Your Word to read any time we want to. Father, I ask that You would reveal Yourself to each woman reading this today. Father, I ask that You would meet their needs…financial, physical, and spiritual needs.  Lead them to the verse You have for this season in their lives and teach them the power of covenant. Father, I pray that every one of us will Rejoice in the Truth you have given us in Your Word. Encourage and strength my sisters today, in Jesus name!  Amen.

Join us for our Women’s Online Bible Study, 16 Day Love Challenge by Cherie Zack and Rebecca LeCompte. Click HERE to find out more and register. We hope to see you there.


  1. “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 This is the verse I always come across when my life seems to be heading nowhere. Sometimes, this verse is the only hope I have in the dark. This is the verse that came up when I was praying for guidance for my husband who is going through the darkest time in his life. It definitely contrasts with my current truth but I know that God’s Truth supersedes and overcomes everything.

    • Erin, thank you so much for taking a moment to leave your thoughts. I’m going to be praying for both you and your husband. There are so many verses in the Bible to encourage and strengthen you. You just have to find the ones God has for you for the season you are in. A dark room is only dark until the lights are turned on or the sun shines through. It’s the same with the darkness we feel surrounding us. It’s only dark until we shine God’s light into the situation. His light pierces the darkness and releases new Hope for our situation. Can I encourage you to do a word search on Put in the words that are speaking the loudest in your darkness. You may need to change the version you are searching in to help with the search if the words are not finding verses. Read through the verses that populate and write down the ones that Leap at you. These are the verses God wants you to consider and meditate on. As you do this, resist the temptation to lay them down because “they are not for you.” This is a lie from satan. Choose to meditate on them and listen for God’s voice. He will speak to you and you will have have Hope for your situation and maybe even a new direction, clarification, and strength!! God’s Word is the Bread we need to live daily. I know the darkness you both are walking in heavy. But God wants to lift this heaviness from you! Here is one to get you started. <3

      Erin, your name is engraved in the Palms of My hands, your walls are always before Me!! -Isaiah 49:16

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